Paintings by
Perry Snodgrass

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"At The Ballet Russe"  "Clutching at Style"  "Flying with Louis Vuitton"  "Lempicka and Crocodile Purse"  "Raoul Dufy Fashion"  "Schiaparellis Elegant Basket Bag"  "The Brief"  "Rose"  "Jean the Early Surfer"  "Reflecting"  "Tea for One"  "Casual Attraction"  "String of Pearls"  "Jocelyn"  "Between Acts at the Cabaret"  "Circus Madeleine"  "Circus Emily"  "Touring"  "Tennis Party"  "Weekend in the Country"  "Sanctuary"  "Sunday at Southbank"  "Rooftops of Prague"  "Hon Fleur France"  "On The Waterfront"  "Rooftops of Adelaide"  "The Assignation"  "Colours of the Caribbean"  "Daylesford Chimneys"  "Rooftops of Provence"  "Bendigo Chimneys"  "Daylesford Morning"  "Carnivale"  "Albi"  "Conques Village"  "Good Friends"  "St Cirque La Popie - Graveyard"  "Saturday Morning at St Antonon Val"  "Pink Brick of Albi"  "St Cirque La Popie - Cathedral"  "Ice Cream at the Trocadero"  "Blue Vase"  "Wild Child"  "Elegant Goths"  "Sexy in the City"  "Astro Boy"  "Fashion Plate"  "Girl on Green Kimono"  "Kimono Punk"  "Warrior Princess"  "Three Little Maids from School"  "Spring at the Villa"  "Holiday in Venice"  "Tuscan Landscape from Cortona"  "The Convention"  "A day with Sister Wendy"  "Beau Vines Triptych"  "Last Days Of Autumn"  "The Keep"  "Vitas Garden"  "The Chocolatiers"  "McLaren Vale in Autumn"  "Fruit in Season"  "Harvest Lunch"  "Kites in the Vineyard"  "Storm Over Canola Field"  "Farmhouse Late Afternoon"  "Musk"  "Love Birds"  "Beau Vines Study"  "Autumn Vines"  "Sister Sophie with her flock"  "Mother and Minders"  "Motoring in France"  "School Fete"  "The New Girl"  "Loaves and Fishes"  "A Wing and a Prayer"  "Singing Off Notes"  "Silent Supporters"  "Olive Harvest"  "Garden Window"  "Geraniums at the Window"  "Perry's Garden"  "A New Term Starts"  "Welcoming the New Arrivals"  "Late Summer Harvest"  "Cricket on the Village Green"  "The Lavender Gatherers"  "Breakfast in the Infirmary"  "Apple Pie for Dinner"  "Nuns On Line"  "The choir"  "Early Morning Dip"  "Chores at Dawn"  "Mushrooming"  "Tea Time at the Springs"  "Twas The Night Before Christmas"  "The Wedding Party"  "Pots for Sale"  "Irises and Peruvian Lady"  "Oriental Lillies"  "Persimmons"  "Mosaic Table"  "Tulips and Mandarins"  "Willow Pattern Plate"  "From an Autumn Garden"  "Coffee Pot and Poppies"  "Moroccan Kitchen"  "Tulips and Daffodils"  "Poppies"  "Chinese Pot and Pears"  "Still Life with Blue Table"  "Tiger Lilies and Nasturtiums"  "Autumn Berries"  "Cornflowers and Apples"  "Quinces and Plums"  "Daisies Stocks and Lilies"  "Cumquats"  "The Morris Man"  "Jazz at the Rocks"  "Mardi Gras time in Daylesford"  "A Tribute to Margaret Olley"  "Everybody loves Saturday Night"  "Walking with Grandma"  "Glenlyon Village Fayre"  "Saturday Morning Market"  "Mt Franklin Frolics"  "The Long Lunch"  "The Artist's Apprentice"  "The Flower Seller"

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