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Perry Snodgrasss

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Perry Snodgrass's paintings have a narrative theme and are very personal ... often about women and their progress towards equality, always in a positive mood, searching for beauty, style, whimsy and colour: based on her home, family and life experiences. Her paintings are usually in oil and/or acrylic on canvas, always vibrant with colour.

The narrative themes include stories of travels: especially France and Italy. Stories from imagination: the whimsical nuns series. Stories about shapes: the studies of rooftops in various cities. Stories about form: the array of still life. Stories of women at work and play; always set in a larger landscape.

Her influences include childhood on a dairy farm, a career as a colourist for a firm of commercial photographers in Sydney where she worked with the top photographers and graphic designers of the day, David Moore, Max Dupain and Gordon Andrews. She moved on to a life on the canefields in North Queensland; a successful corporate life in her own catering and events design company in Sydney; then in her travel firm dealing exclusively with France. She has lived her passions of food and France and art.

Perry practiced full-time as an artist from 2000. She exhibited in the Convent Gallery, Pantechnicon, Impressions Gallery and Hill End Gallery all in Daylesford, Tin Shed Arts Gallery in Malmsbury and the Woollahra Times Gallery in Sydney. Her colourful work has also appeared on wine labels and greeting cards.

She moved to Adelaide in 2007 where she has completed an Associate Visual Arts Degree at the Adelaide Central School of Art and exhibited a series of imaginative paintings entitled 'Harajuki Girls'  in the ARIspace@209 gallery in Melbourne Street, North Adelaide. Her April 2010 solo exhibition in Tin Shed Arts entitled " Breaking Out" focused on women in the Art Deco period and on young Japanese women and their pop art fashions.

Since then Perry has extended her studies with a Graduate Diploma in Art History and a Master of Arts degree both from the Universtity of Adelaide.

In 2016 she has turned to writing and has published the book: "Against the Tide: Salmon Women Pioneers in Colonial New South Wales". For information about this book:


"Harajuku Girls"
November 2009 at ARIspace@209
North Adelaide S.A.

"More Whimsical Nuns"
April 2003 at Impressions of Daylesford

"Vibrant Visions"
October 2002 at Tin Shed Arts,
Malmsbury Vic.

"The Good Life"
November 2000 at the Convent Gallery,
Daylesford Vic.

"Nuns at the Convent"
January 2000 at the Convent Gallery,
Daylesford Vic.

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